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Stars Championship Series set to Introduce OK-N Stars Category for 2023 Season.

At the Stars program we maintain one goal above all else, to promote badass karting events that families and competitors enjoy being a part of.

A big part of our event promotion is pushing innovation both on and off the track. From our use of digital communication apps at our events to our virtual light system from @tracksystemsna, we just like to "do cool shit" as Stars Principal Joe Janowski would say. We feel that the direct drive, 35+ hp platform that is both affordable and durable, is just that.

"We have been looking at the OK categories for some time now, and when we got word of the OK-N platform we knew it would be a good fit for our program." said Stars COO Christian Marsh.

We will be releasing all of the technical details for the category over the next few months, but we wanted to make a few things very clear to those intending on competing in the category.

Engine Manufacturers - We will be using the engine technical specifications provided by the CIK, meaning all four engine manufacturers (TM, Vortex, Iame, and Modena) will be eligible for the category.

Spec Tires - The OK-N category will utilize MG SM compound tire, with two sets being available to competitors to deploy through the event.

Competition Age - The minimum age requirement for the OKN Stars category will be 15+, with the @nkaonline option year rule remaining in effect.

If you have any questions about the 2023 Stars Championship Series, contact us via dm on our social pages or at and we'll see you on track next spring.

photo : Wafeproject

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