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Updates to Gearbox Category Formats

One of the most important updates to the 2022 #starschampionshipseries will be the race format for all gearbox categories.

While Stars will still be a home for all three of the primary gearbox platforms (KZ and SSE for the pro categories, ROK Shifter for the ROK categories), this year will see the pro categories and rok categories combined respectively on track (pro stars + rok stars, pro masters + rok masters).

Corresponding categories will be intermingled on grid based on qualifying times, and will compete together in each official session throughout the event. Awards and points will be issued separately to the highest placing ROK competitors, but those competing on the ROK platform will also have the opportunity to score points in the pro category.

This is being done in an effort to mitigate issues caused by split groups on track and in an effort to promote badass kart racing (which is why we’re all here).

If you have further questions head over to or send us a direct message. We’ll see you all on track in May!


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